Three-phase power inverter grid-connected solar inverter with MPPT inverter 10kw 20kw 30kw 40kw 50kw

Intelligent WIFI monitor 3 Phase Solar Grid-Connected Inverter solar inverter grid tie power inverterHighperformance string inverters    Form 3.0kW to 5.0kW    Wide PV input voltage range    Rapid MPPT tracking technology    Two MPPT trackers    Superior

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Intelligent WIFI monitor 3 Phase Solar Grid-Connected Inverter solar inverter grid tie power inverter
3 Phase Power Inverter Solar Inverter on Grid with MPPT Inverter10kw 20kw 30kw 40kw 50kw

3 Phase Power Inverter Solar Inverter on Grid with MPPT Inverter10kw 20kw 30kw 40kw 50kw
Highperformance string inverters
    Form 3.0kW to 5.0kW
    Wide PV input voltage range
    Rapid MPPT tracking technology
    Two MPPT trackers
    Superior PV energy harvest
    Transformerless design with higher operation efficiency
    Excellent thermal performance
    High overload capability under most ambient conditions
Full data display and communications
    LCD display energy data
    Bright LED indicators imply system status at a glance
    PC software for remote monitoring and system troubleshooting
    Interated RS232 serial communications
Cost advantages
    Transformerless design cutting down the cost
    Light weight and small dimension,reducing shipping cost
    IP65 protection degree, suitable for outdoor installation,reducing construction cost
    Low maintenance expense
Easy and affordable to install
    Light weight and compact size
    Includes a lightweight portable bracket simplifying installaton
    Firm IP65 inverter enclosure allows outdoor application

LS 3000HLS 4000HLS 5000H
Max Input Power of per MPPT200023003000
Max. DC Input Power (W)330041605200
Max DC Voltage (Vdc)500
Start voltage (Vdc)150
MPPT Operating Range (Vdc)100~450
Number of Parallel Inputs2
Number of MPPT Trackers2
Max. Input Current (A)IN1:11.3/IN2:11.3IN1:13.0/IN2:13.0IN1:15.0/IN2:15.0
Nominal Output Power(W)300040004950
Max. Output Power(W)300040005000
Nominal Output Current(A)13.017.421.5
Max. Output Current(A)
Nominal AC Output Voltage(Vac)230
AC Output voltage range (Vac)*185~265
AC Grid frequency range (Hz)*50±5
Power Factor (cosφ)>0.99
THDI<3%(at nominal output power)
MPPT. efficiency99.8%99.8%99.8%
Operating Temperature(ºC)-25~+60
Noise typical[dB(A)]≤25
Operating Consumption(W)0
Electrical IsolationTransformerless
Cooling ConceptNatural Cooling
Protect LevelIP65
CommunicationRS232  (WIFI Optional )
Dimension (W×D×H mm)358*145*430
Weight (Kg)16.51818
*AC grid voltage range and frequency range depend on local standards

Suntree series string solar three phase inverter
Compact size and high power density
    High speed MPPT for real time power tracking and improved energy harvesting
    Transformerless operation for highest efficiency 98.2%
    High overload capability under most ambient conditions
    Certified grid connected operation according to the international standards
    True three phase sine wave output
    Integrated RS485/RS232 serial communications
    Multi-language friendly LCD display
    Easy maintenance cooling fans
Max. DC Input Power(W)550066009000115001330017000190002200033000
Max DC Voltage(Vdc)9001000
MPPT Operating Range(Vdc)250~720250~800
Number of  Parallel Inputs24610
Number of  MPPT Trackers2
Max.Input Power per MPPT35004000500060007000850095001100016500
Max. Input Current(A)2*102*122*162*222*242*302*322*352*41
Nominal Output Power(W)500060008000100001200015000170002000030000
Max. Output Power(W)500060008000100001200015000170002000030000
Nominal Output Current(A)7.38.711.614.517.421.724.62943.5
Max. Output Current(A)7.99.512.716.219.424.327.532.348
Nominal AC Output Voltage(Vac)400
AC Output voltage range (Vac)*360~440
AC Grid frequency range (Hz)*50/60±5
Power Factor (cosφ)0.9(leading)~0.9(lagging)
THDI<3%(at nominal power output)
MPPT. efficiency99.6%99.6%99.6%99.6%99.6%99.6%99.6%99.6%99.6%
Operating Temperature(ºC)-25~+60
Noise typical[dB(A)]<25<50<65
Operating Consumption(W)0
Electrical IsolationTransformerless
Cooling ConceptNatural CoolingFan Cooling(IP54)
Protect LevelIP65
CommunicationRS485/RS232(WIFI Optional)
Dimension (W×D×H)(mm)470*165*560470*165*585470*165*670580*235*800
Weight (Kg)32355065

Opening the package
After opening the package, please check the contents of the box. It should contain the following accessories:
1.Solar inverter1pcs
2.Mounting frame1pcs
3.Mounting screws and blocks9pcs
4.Safety-lock screws4pcs
5.Socket head wrench1pcs
6.DC socket assembly1set
7.Special RS-232 cable1pcs
8.Instruction manual1pcs
9.Monitor software(CD)1pcs
10.Warranty sheet1pcs

LCD Screen: Display the operating data and situations, warning/error codes and information.
The model of inverter (for example,Suntree 10000TL)
ALARM LED: Indicates the alarm of inverter.
POWER LED: Indicates the inverter is running normally.
Fault LED: Indicates the fault of inverter.
Function Key: Used to set different parameter and display language for the inverter.
Description of inverter
LED indicators
Information ListGreen LEDYellow LEDRed LED
Fault RevoverOFFONOFF
Normal StateONOFFOFF
Permanent StateONOFFOFF

Wait State: Inverter is waiting to Check State until the end of reconnection time. In this state,
the PV voltage is more than 250V and grid voltage value is between the max and min limit; Otherwise,
Inverter will go to Fault State or Permanent State.
Fault Revover: Inverter is in the process of circulating in take place mistake or breakdown,
break down Inverter to re- combine a net after the relief
Normal State: Inverter feeds to grid energy from PV panel as much as possible according MPP trackers.
Inverter will go to FaultState or PermernentState if any error or fault occurs.
Fault State: Inverter has occurred some recoverable error
Permanent State: Inverter has occurred some unrecoverable error. It will stay in Permenent State.
You should take some measure according the error code.

3.2 Operate the Function Key
To view the operating data of the inverter, you can press the Function Key.
Of course, the data also will automatically and periodically display.
To set different display contrast and display language for the inverter,
please carefully refert to the following chart.

Step 1: Ensure that the AC cable and DC cable is connected correctly, unused DC plugs and AC terminal cover are sealed.
Step 2: Connect the DC and AC switches. The inverter starts up automatically when DC-power from the PV strings is sufficient.
Once the solar inverter starts, it enters one of the following 3 states in turn:
Standby: The PV string can only provide just enough voltage to minimum requirements of the internal controller unit.
Waiting: When the PV string DC voltage is greater than 200V, The inverter enters a "waiting" state and attempts to connect to the grid.
Normal: When PV string DC voltage is greater than 300V, Inverter operates in the normal state.
The Inverter will keep MPPT function and deliver power to AC Grid when it is in normal operation.
Maybe it will stop under the situation of low input DC-power,
Don't worry, it will automatically restart again when DC-power from the PV string is sufficient.

Error or Warning status
Inverter is designed to be user-friendly, therefore, the error or warning status of the Inverter can be easily understood by reading the i
nformation shown on the front panel display. All possible messages are shown in the following table.
 System fault
1Auto Test FailedAuto Test does not pass
2No UtilityNo Grid Connect
3PV Over VoltagePV panel Voltage is too high
4Isolation FaultInsulation Problem of PV panel
5GFCI Faultleakage current is too high
6Grid Freq. FaultGrid frequency is out of range
7Grid Volt. FaultGrid voltage is out of range
 Inverter fault
1Consistent FaultConsistent Fault
2Over Temp. FaultInternal temperature abnormal
3Relay FaultOutput relay Fault
4DCI Out RangeOutput Current DC Offset too high
6Comm. LostCommunication Fault
7Bus Over VoltageDC Bus over-voltage
8Bus Low VoltageDC Bus under-voltage
9Boost FaultBoost Current or Voltage Fault
10GFCI Device FaultGFCI Device is damaged
11Inv. Curr. OverInverter output current too high
12Fan LockFan Lock
13RTC FailReal Time Clock IC Fault
14SCI FaultCommunication Fault

3 Phase Power Inverter Solar Inverter on Grid with MPPT Inverter10kw 20kw 30kw 40kw 50kw

Warranty Claim Procedure:
Please report defective devices with a brief error description to the SUNTREE distributors.
If we agree to a replacement, we generally send an equivalent replacement device according to model
and age, the remainder of the warranty entitlement will be transferred to the replacement device. In this case,
you do not receive a new certificate since your entitlement is documented at SUNTREE.
The replacement will be packaged appropriately for transport and shipped out within 2 working days.
The defective device is to be packed in this transport packaging for return transport to the distributor.
If the on-site service of re-installation is necessary,
the end customers need to negotiate with the distributors in advance.
All warranty services in warranty period are free of charge.
3 Phase Power Inverter Solar Inverter on Grid with MPPT Inverter10kw 20kw 30kw 40kw 50kw


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