• MyHEAT Solar helps Londoners map financial and environmental benefits of solar panels | City of London

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    The official website for the City of London, OntarioWhere to go to find information on living in London.London’s Labatt Memorial Park is the world's longest continuously operating baseball grounds, a 144-year streak recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Where to find information on t
  • Hanwha Q Cells unveils updated modules for Australian rooftop market – pv magazine International

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    Hanwha Q Cells has launched the latest generation of its Q.MAXX solar panel series for the Australian residential market. It says the power class has been increased by up to 15 Wp from previous iterations.South Korea-based PV module manufacturer Hanwha Q Cells’ Q.Maxx BLK-G5+ and Q.Maxx-G5+ panels
  • The Best Portable Home Generators, According To Real Electricians | HuffPost Life

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    With all the outlets, inputs, buttons and switches, home generators can be overwhelming. If you’re not a trained electrician or someone who works closely with wires and power, these backup power devices can seem like some sort of cryptic 3D puzzle. Yet, if you live in a hurricane-prone area or if
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    Aptera says the average driver may never have to plug in their car, based on doing just 29 miles a dayKeep up to date with the latest stories with our WalesOnline newsletterA sci-fi-style electric vehicle has launched that's entirely powered by the Sun. Californian company Aptera claim their £
  • Mango Power E portable power station review - Let there be power! - The Gadgeteer

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    REVIEW – I’ve wanted to get a large portable power station for quite some time now. The Mango Power E came up for review, and I was lucky enough to get picked to try it out. It was still pre-release, so I’ve waited since July like a child waiting for Christmas. Was it worth the wait, read on t
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    The solar panels on the Aptera Launch Edition will reportedly give the car up to 40 miles of range daily Aptera has introduced a new Launch Edition, which is slated to go into production late this year.While that timeline is “funding dependen
  • 3 Red-Hot Solar Stocks for 2023

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    Consider a few shares, if you dare, of these analyst-loved solar stocks if you’re ready to add some shimmer and sunshine to your clean-energy-friendly portfolio.If you’re on a quest to find this year’s potential stock-market winners, just look to the sky for red-hot solar stocks fo
  • In the Race to Develop the Best Solar Power Materials, What If the Key Ingredient Is Effort? - Inside Climate News

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    In 2009, University of Luxembourg professor Phillip Dale gave a presentation at an academic conference and included a chart almost as an afterthought.The chart showed that a new material for photovoltaic panels, despite some underwhelming initial results, had an efficiency that was comparable to a m
  • JinkoSolar unwraps 415 W PV panel for rooftop applications – pv magazine International

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    The new, Tiger Pro 54HC panel is based on a 182mm, 54-cell design and exhibits an efficiency of up to 21.3%. The manufacturer claims the new product is particularly suitable for residential projects in high snow or high wind load areas.The Tiger Pro 54HC module.Chinese module manufacturer JinkoSolar
  • A closer look at Jinko’s 565-585 W panel – pv magazine International

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    The module – which measures 2,411×1,134×35mm, weighs 31.1kg and features 156 p-type monocrystalline cells – is available in five versions with power outputs of 565-585 W and efficiencies of 20.67-21.40%. Jinko says the Pro Tiger series will become the company’s main revenue stream in 202