Bluetti Slashes Prices in New Year Promo

2023-02-05 16:38:19 By : Mr. Martin King

This year, Bluetti is cutting prices on its most popular power stations, batteries, and solar panels

The start of a new year comes with new resolutions. This time we should also be making it a priority to be more energetically independent or, at the very least, better prepared for summer power outages due to AC usage or winter issues due to affected power lines.

Thankfully, Bluetti is running a massive New Year sale right now, allowing you to save up to $1,500 on their impressive solar stations, home batteries, and more.

The Bluetti New Year Sale is already live and will continue through to January 25th, 2023, so you have quite a bit of time to decide which of these awesome power stations needs to be yours.

Whether you're just now starting to invest in power stations from Bluetti or you're a repeat customer, it doesn't matter, because anyone can be a "Bluetti Hero." The company is inviting Bluetti users from anywhere and everywhere to be part of a series of documentaries. They're encouraging users to share their experience with the products and the innovations implemented in recent years.

All Bluetti users can apply to become a Bluetti Hero with the company estimating that 15 people will be chosen to take part of the documentary. What's in it for you if you get chosen? Well, you'll be able to pick any Bluetti products priced at $1,000 as a gift!

So, whether you're getting Bluetti gear for your camping trips, for living off the grid in your RV, or for home emergencies, they're waiting for your application. You can sign up for Bluetti Hero anytime.

If you're buying something that's part of Bluetti's New Year sale, you'll be able to apply for the Bluetti Hero campaign, so let's go find something cool for you to buy.

Bluetti's most portable solar panel, the PV68 is going on sale. Starting at $99, you're saving $100 on this fantastic solar panel you can carry anywhere along with a small station. It weighs only 3.4 kg and can produce 68W of power from sunlight.

The Bluetti PV68 solar panel is durable and splash-proof and it's super easy to set up. Pairing it up with one of Bluetti's super portable stations can be ideal for a picnic out in nature. This one will work wonderfully with the EB3A, EB55, EB70S, or AC50S.

If you want a more powerful option, you can go for the Bluetti PV420 solar panel. In fact, this one is the most powerful in the entire line. It is foldable and portable and can be set up rather easily, but can produce up to 420W solar power for fast charging. The solar panels are also IP65 splashproof and will last for a long time. They can be paired with a long list of power stations, including the AC200P, AC200MAX, AC300, AC500, and more.

This one usually goes for $1,100 but can be purchased for $200 less during the New Year sale event.

The bulky modular approaches stretches the definition of portable and requires two people to safely transport, but the Bluetti AC300 and B300 make up for it with such immense input and output capabilities. The modular, stackable design allows for easy upgrade and system scaling, while the two separate MPPT controllers allow up to 2400W of solar PV charging, or mixing different voltages, enabling you to fully maximise your charge rate. Best of all, it runs nearly silent, which is great for use in a home environment.

If you want a modular solution, the AC300 and B300 battery work great for any needs you may have. Be aware that these aren't as easy to carry around like other models and moving from one area to another is a two-man job. This combination allows up to 2400W solar PV charging, which is pretty great. If you mix up solar and AC, you'll get a fast dual charging of up to 5400W.

We actually reviewed this awesome combo and you can read what we thought about the AC300 and B300 power stations at length. The short version is that we believe this is one of the best battery backups yet available. The scalable system is fantastic, allowing you to reach better numbers to fit your specific needs.

The AC200MAX is a great option for those who want to have power anywhere they go. The AC200 Max can be expanded with extra battery modules, such as two B230 or two B300. Even on its own, this particular power station, it has 2,048W power and can deliver 2,200W power for various devices. There are 14 outlets to choose from, including USB ports and DC outlets. You'll be happy to know that it can be used for over 3,500 cycles to 80% original capacity, which is pretty great.

This one was released in 2021 and continues to be a fantastic home power station, especially since you can scale it exactly how much you need.

Adding some solar panels to your order will see you save some extra money. For instance, getting the AC200MAX and one powerful PV350 solar panel will cost you $2,399, nearly $350 under the regular price.

The perfect solution for home emergencies, the Bluetti EP500 can be moved around wherever you need it quite easily since it comes with wheels. It has a massive 5,100Wh capacity and a 2,000W inverter, overall being able to power up any of your appliances. It's perfect for homes, off-grid cabins, RVs, as well as boats or camper vans. If you use a combo of AC and solar charging, it has an input of 1800W, allowing you to charge it fully in just over three hours.

Now available for just under $4,000, you're saving $1000 when buying the Bluetti EP500, which is a pretty awesome discount. Our suggestion is to purchase some solar panels to go with this particular model, so you know you're covered anywhere you go. Even if it will take a bit longer to recharge the power station by solar light only, it's still better than nothing.

If you want to add three PV350 solar panels, you'll need to pay $6,399 during the New Year sale, which is considerably lower than the $7,546 it usually costs to get them.

If you want to get an extra battery for your power station, then the B300 is a good option. With a max 3,072Wh, this battery allows you to scale up any station. If you have solar panels, you can charge it up with those, allowing a maximum loading scale of 200W. Alternatively, you can charge it by wall socket, car, or a lead-acid battery even. This one is $300 less than you can normally buy it for, so it's a great time to buy it.

Sales of this magnitude don't happen often at Bluetti, so now's a really good time to go pick whatever power station you've been eyeing for a while. These power stations are reliable, and they'll be great to use for the next decade.

The flexibility they offer is incredible since you get to add multiple batteries to expand capacity, as well as solar panels to gain independence from the grid. Depending on your home's power needs, with the right set-up, you could live off-grid. At the very least, you can comfortably go camping without worrying whether your phone will die out in the middle of nowhere.

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